We want to recognise Dixsha Stroh, an associate  at the FCA who has done incredible work as a Hindu Woman in Law. Dixsha  was called to the Bar but decided to transfer her legal skill set to work in an environment which deals with regulation and compliance. As a Hindu Woman in Law, Dixsha has gained an insurmountable wealth of experience in the business and financial sector.  Dixsha co-ordinates the FCA’s legal walk team every year and is involved in an innovative project at the FCA of reverse mentoring where junior BAME staff educate senior staff and directors about equality and diversity and BAME issues. A fantastic initiative, Dixsha contributes to the conversation and shows that we all need to be actively involved in increasing diversity and representation in the workplace. In addition, Dixsha is an international trainer for ELSA (European Law Students Association) providing free training, mentoring and support to ELSA societies at University.