Misha Stroh is an outstanding Hindu Woman in Law, not only because she has been recognised as a high flyer  by several prominent members of the industry but because she takes the time to give back to the community. Misha regularly takes the time to help others embark upon a legal or other professional career and under her guidance and support has seen many paralegals transition to become qualified lawyers and in one case a general counsel at a start-up company. She firmly believes in giving back to society (and often gives pro bono advice at law clinics or otherwise) and to sharing her experience, knowledge and learnings with others in any way she can to help others less fortunate than her realise their true potential and achieve their goals. Misha currently works within the KPMG UK Office of General Counsel team and is KPMG’s Assistant General Counsel. She’s committed to leading, motivating, empowering and managing teams to deliver results and coach individuals to help them achieve their potential. We applaud you Misha for being an outstanding and commendable Hindu Woman in Law.